How To Make An Ethernet Cross-Over Cable Cat5 RJ45

What Is Cross-Over Cable?

In a Ethernet networking environment – like in a family home with multiple PCs that are wired – the computers must all connect to a central router. The router takes all the bits being sent out by the computers and relays them onto the other devices on the network. However, a crossover cable can be used to connect two devices directly, without the need for a router in the middle. It simply reverses some of the pins so that the output on one computer is being sent to the input of another. In the years before my family had Internet, I used this to play 2-player network games!

What You’ll Need

  • -Some Ethernet cabling, obviously. I’ll be using CAT5 today. Strictly speaking, CAT5e is certified for true gigabit support, but in practice plain old CAT5 cabling can be used just fine over short distances.
  • -A crimping tool. This your all-in-one networking tool – specially shaped for pushing down the pins in the plug and able to strip the shielding off cables, as well as cut.
  • -2 RJ45 plugs.
  • -(Optional) 2 plug shields.
  • -The diagram below, preferably printed out as a reference.