MiZAZA Networking Services

Help Desk support

Studies show that only a small percentage of help desk service requests are resolved on the first call. It's no surprise that customers rarely have a positive image of help desks. If your current IT consulting company is steadily losing ground keeping up your IT support needs or if you are not getting help desk support at all, MiZAZA COM Inc's Help Desk Support is the affordable and smart solution.
MiZAZA COM Inc Help Desk Support offers three flexible ways you can receive the IT support you need 24/7 without blowing your budget

Phone Support

When you need to talk to a technical expert fast, call MiZAZA COM Inc. Our qualified technical engineers will diagnose and begin to fix your problem right over the phone. Our records show that 38% of the time, problems can be repaired during this initial phone call through a combination of phone and remote support. We'll escalate phone support to on-site service when necessary.

Email Support

When you use email for IT support, you want the person on the other end to be knowledgeable, professional and reassuring. All MiZAZA COM Inc Service Support Specialists have been selected to ensure you get fast, accurate and courteous answers every time you email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote Support

The MiZAZA COM Inc e-Support System is groundbreaking technology that enables us to establish secure, Web-based remote access to your computers and networks. With MiZAZA COM Inc's e-Support System, a Technical Support Representative (TSR) can view, diagnose and troubleshoot problems online. The TSR can actually troubleshoot your desktop and servers and download patches or software updates once you give them permission online.
With remote support, you'll avoid on-site visits and shorten call response time. Remote support provides powerful 24/7 support capabilities without investing in expensive hardware and software or compromising your network security by opening ports on Firewalls.
Get support the way you need it- email, phone, remote, or on-site! Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Hardware Management

Your IT investment grows as your company's IT structure changes to accommodate your business needs. You invest in hardware applications, storage and databases to streamline workflow and improve productivity and you need that hardware to work at its peak while running applications and storing the generated data.
That's why we take a "start from the ground up" approach to managing your hardware. Especially for companies with multiple hardware vendors, it's crucial that we understand the performance and availability of the hardware running your applications. Because without reliable hardware to perform critical business applications, you just can't do business.

Hardware Rollout Management

When you're ready to rollout a new hardware system, our project managers carefully oversee every detail of the installation- from acquiring the hardware and configuration to tagging it for inventory. You'll enjoy a smooth and uneventful rollout because our project manager will take care of all the technician scheduling, problem resolution procedures, and determining the hardware deployment sequence.
Once we're finished carefully unpacking and inspecting your new hardware equipment, we'll handle all the configuration including connecting all cables, installing requested options, performing the initial power up and first diagnostics to ensure it's functioning properly, and setting up the Windows operating system of your choice.

Adding, Moving and Changing Hardware

Our hardware engineers won't only help you implement new hardware systems, but they are also a valuable resource if you have existing hardware that you're adding to, moving to a different location on or off-site, or making memory or software changes. Our project managers and hardware engineers can manage other hardware adjustments to avoid costly hardware damage and minimize disruptions to your daily operations.

Hardware Relocation

Hardware is expensive fragile equipment so it requires careful and special handling when being relocated either down the hall or across the country. Our technicians take extreme care when disconnecting, transporting and reconnecting your hardware equipment- all with minimal disruption to your business. If you prefer, we can arrange hardware relocation during non-working hours.
We treat your hardware as carefully as if it were our own. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

On-Site Service

Though many IT problems can be solved by phone or remote access, sometimes you just need hands-on computer and network support. Some maintenance services cannot be done remotely like installations and upgrades. With personal on-site visits, we can maintain a working knowledge of your IT structures and address IT concerns to prevent system problems and network downtime before they happen.
MiZAZA COM Inc's expert technical support team has provided fast on-site service to small and mid-size businesses in the South-Florida Region for over 15 years. With our on-site service you'll have access to qualified professionals who possess the right level of technical skills and industry exposure. We provide system design and development, information technology management, technical support and computer services on an extensive range of hardware platforms and software disciplines.
You can count on our strong nationwide team of experienced and certified network partners if you have out-of-state WAN-connected branch offices or affiliates that require on-site service and support.
Don't trust your IT needs to an independent consultant who is "in-between" jobs! Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Desktop Management

Managing desktops internally can be a real headache and distraction and often results in inefficient desktop systems and frustrated users. Turn to MiZAZA COM Inc for the best-in-class desktop management support you need. We'll stabilize and refine your desktop environments while reducing your desktop TCO so you can stay focused on your business.
The desktop is the essential link between your staff and your IT systems. Our desktop technicians provide comprehensive management of your total desktop environment, which includes PCs (Macintosh and Windows), laptops, hand-held devices, as well as associated support services such as on-site support, asset tracking and help desk services.
Effective management of your desktop environment is essential in helping your employees perform better. Without a standardized, stable and consistent desktop software platform, your investment in systems and applications is compromised. Our desktop management technicians can:
•Maintain drive images
•Update anti-virus software
•Perform data back-ups
•Install and upgrade applications like MS Office and email

It's expensive and time consuming to keep track of software versions, patches, security updates, bug fixes and driver updates that become available daily. You need people who know the complexities of managing the desktop environment like the back of their hand. Our experience gained from managing a variety of desktop environments means that we can offer your employees the best service at greatly reduced costs.
Avoid "one-man" shops that can only be in one place at one time to handle your IT needs. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Macintosh Support

There's a growing and devoted group of Mac users in the business world. Whether your office is all Mac or a combination of Mac and Windows systems, you always have fast support from our Mac and Windows experts.
MiZAZA COM Inc support can provide experts to help you with desktop support and network integration services for Apple Macintosh computers. MiZAZA COM Inc employs Mac OS X specialists who can help you incorporate computers using Apple's latest operating system software into your business network.
Can't wait 2 days for IT help to arrive for your Macintosh system? Contact MiZAZA COM Inc's Mac experts today.

Server Management

Even 100% uptime isn't good enough if your infrastructure's performance is not optimized or you get inadequate support. At MiZAZA COM Inc, service and support are the cornerstones of our server management solutions.
We assign a team of certified network engineers to ensure server security and performance based on your exact needs and budget. Plus, our team approach provides 24/7 and guaranteed 4-hour on-site emergency service that a single engineer cannot match. Even better, you'll get the individual attention that small and mid-size businesses usually only dream about.
Proper network planning is essential in today's business environment. Network planning is the process of outlining business requirements and growth plans to build a blueprint for connecting and purchasing IT resources. Our approach to network planning involves assessing your current needs and how your business will change over time.
Our server management service places emphasis on:
• Assess usage - Determine who the users are and what type of access they require.
•Gather Input - Talk to all parties involved and factor in the needs of the various departments.
•Build in expansion - Detail the direction of your business remembering that staff additions, geographic expansion, remote access solutions, and new applications could change today's design.
•Address security - When planning network design, it's critical to incorporate security into the design.
•Remote access - With more staff working from the road and home today, the need for secure and reliable remote access solutions is growing rapidly.
•Training - Technology adoption comes with timesaving and productivity-enhancing features with adequate staff training.
Your business deserves the reliability of a guaranteed 4-hour response time. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Network/Internet Security

94% of the respondents in a recent FBI survey reported computer virus incursions. 40% detected system penetrations from outside their networks and viruses and hacking are on the rise. Threats include data loss caused by malicious intent, Internet-based worms, denial-of-service, virus attacks, security compromises by internal sources, and penetration attacks aimed at stealing or damaging your valuable assets.
Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures, and policies. Security can be overwhelming, but we can help.
Significant pressures from regulatory and legislative trends are heightening the need of specific business sectors, specifically financial services and health care, to proactively implement comprehensive network and Internet security. Whether you run a medical office, financial institution, or a law firm, let us help you design, deploy, and manage security solutions across your network, systems & applications, delivering the highest networking performance to meet your needs.
Solid data security depends on a powerful firewall and frequent updates against the latest virus and worm attacks. We'll design a security system for you to protect your business that includes:
• Security assessment- a complete evaluation to check for compliance, loopholes, and vulnerable spots.
•Firewall protection audit- "staged" hacking to pinpoint weak spots.
•Firewall design & installation- develop a security plan and deploy firewalls.
We help you identify the level of operational readiness, business resumption and recovery capabilities necessary to keep your business processes up and running. MiZAZA COM Inc offers security, availability and recovery services that provide integrated business continuity solutions to support and protect your network environment.
Get network and Internet security solutions from a company that takes it seriously. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

E-mail Services

Email has become as important to running your business as having electricity. Today when your email is down, so are your sales. MiZAZA COM Inc Microsoft-certified experts have 15 years of experience designing, installing, and supporting email solutions for small and mid-size businesses. MiZAZA COM Inc offers affordable consulting and support services to ensure that your email system features:
• Security and virus protection
•Fault tolerance
•Easy access for remote and mobile users
•Timesaving management tools
•Universal inboxes with voicemail and fax support
Our email help and support services can help you plan and implement migrations from legacy email systems or outdated email software to the latest Microsoft technology. MiZAZA COM Inc also offers 24/7 networks monitoring to keep your email system up and running while our help desk support quickly resolves email problems.

Email Security and Virus Protection

Email is the most common target for hackers and computer viruses. MiZAZA COM Inc has extensive experience designing and implementing secure Exchange-based email systems featuring real-time virus protection for incoming and outgoing mail. You'll get a comprehensive security audit to check your system's vulnerability and the support you need to quickly clean up the damage resulting from hacker and virus attacks.

Fault Tolerant Email

For mission-critical email solutions, MiZAZA COM Inc can assist you in building fault-tolerant email architecture to protect your system from single-point breakdowns. Imagine how safe your system will be with our defined procedures allowing you to recover quickly- even from catastrophic failure. We can help you deploy Microsoft's latest server technology for the most reliable email system available 24/7.
Remote and Mobile Email Access
MiZAZA COM Inc's experts can configure and maintain Microsoft Exchange servers and Outlook clients so that remote offices, telecommuters, and mobile workers can securely access corporate email and collaborative information. MiZAZA COM Inc can integrate servers, desktops PCs, Notebooks, Pocket PCs and Blackberry pagers to create a robust virtual email network easily accessible by authorized users anytime, anywhere.
Email Management Tools
Sophisticated email management tools are available from Microsoft and third-party vendors to simplify important tasks such as distinguishing high and low priority email, eliminating SPAM, adding or deleting users, installing service upgrades, and monitoring performance. MiZAZA COM Inc can help you identify and configure management tools best suited to your business so you can improve the effectiveness of your email system.

Email and Telephony Integration

Turn your Microsoft Outlook clients into "universal inboxes" that can send and receive email, voice mail, faxes, and even wireless paging messages. Our email technicians have years of experience installing, supporting, and using telephony solutions that enhance productivity by concentrating your most important business communications into a powerful, one-stop inbox.

Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting Outsource Service

For small and mid-size businesses who want all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 without a hefty investment in equipment, staff, and maintenance, MiZAZA COM Inc can host your Microsoft Exchange Server at a partner data center facility. If you now use an ISP email host, MiZAZA COM Inc's Exchange Server hosting service will dramatically enhance your email system with shared calendaring, collaboration, tight security, support for mobile users and wireless access, and off-line synchronization.
Need help, support or consulting services to fix or enhance your email system? Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Security Audits

Security has become a major concern for any size business. You need reliable protection and a proactive approach to safeguard private and critical information. MiZAZA COM Inc uses state-of-the-art Security Auditing software and Security Analyzer tools to perform a variety of automatic system scans to identify potential problems before they become a catastrophe. With our extensive experience using these tools, you can analyze audit reports and react appropriately.
•Check service pack levels
•Check for missing security patches
•Check for security alerts/vulnerabilities
•Detect unnecessary shares
•Detect unnecessary open ports
•Detect new security holes using scan comparisons
•Check for unused user accounts
•Check password policy and strength
•Make an inventory of your network
•Detect potential Trojans on servers and workstations
•Find out if the OS is disclosing too much information
The best way to avoid security breaches is to avoid them in the first place. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Virtual Environment Configurations / High Availability

MiZAZA COM Inc partners have extensive experience in all aspects Virtual development. Whether you're migrating an existing business application s to a Virtual Environment or are planning a completely new project, MiZAZA COM Inc will provide the guidance and experience you need.
Not all environments are the same, so our Hypervisor development and design experts will assist you in planning and building your application so that you have the scalability that your growth requires, while keeping development costs under control. Using latest Hypervisor / High Availably technologies available from VMware, Double Take and WanSync.
Need a network infrastructure and designs that will grow as your business grows? Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Data/Voice Wiring

Our Cisco certified network engineers and wiring technicians are highly trained and take responsibility of your network wiring project from the design phase to premise wiring, hardware installation, testing, tuning, documentation and management. We combine superior workmanship with high quality cost-effective products to design and implement cabling systems that deliver reliability and performance.
Our engineers and technicians install and troubleshoot Category 5, 5e, 6, Fiber Optic Audio, Video cabling, and Demarc extensions. We test and certify all of our cable installations for cross-talk problems, cable length, impedance, attenuation, loop resistance, capacitance, impulse noise, point-to-point noise, and certify the wire to EIA/TIA standards. We use only high quality patch panels and inserts from leading manufacturers such as Ortronics, Black Box, Hubbell, Leviton and Sprint, to add performance, professional appearance and longevity. We can even clean up and organize your existing Telecom closets.

LAN/WAN Design, Installation and Testing

Since network architecture and management are crucial aspects of your success, we design networks with the best performance, security, and availability. If necessary, we inspect and survey your site to make certain that the building layout conforms to federal regulations before the installation. Then our LAN/WAN design, installation, and testing experts use the approved network design to install networking equipment like hubs, routers, and switches. We'll ensure the unpacking, inspecting, rack mounting, network connecting, port verification, and hardware configurations are done right from the start.
Trust your data and voice wiring projects to a company that's been doing it for 15 years! Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Internet connectivity (DSL, T1, T3, etc)

A variety of Internet connectivity solutions are on the market to meet the data needs of your company. MiZAZA COM Inc has the expertise to recommend services from a wide variety of quality service providers.
We are not obligated to one carrier and this keeps us in a position of objectivity and loyalty to you. For companies that have greater data needs, MiZAZA COM Inc offers T1 to T3, Prime and Metro E services.
Let us find, order, schedule, and manage the installation of the best Internet connectivity solution for your needs. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.

Technology planning, forecasting and budgeting

Especially during tough economic times, it's a real challenge to develop an IT budget that meets the needs of the small and mid-size businesses. But according to CIO Magazine, almost half of the companies surveyed are increasing their IT budget in 2005. How can you determine the right amount to spend on technology today while keeping an eye on the bottom line and your strategic positioning tomorrow?
We have the right prescription to help you plan, forecast and build an IT budget that fits your business. Our strategic planning service takes a methodical approach to evaluating your current capabilities and service levels, capturing the strategic IT requirements of your business, and delivering not just the numbers, but the "why" behind every line of your IT budget.
You wouldn't have your receptionist hardwire your phone system. Don't have anyone but MiZAZA COM Inc's IT specialists handle your IT budgeting. Contact us today.

Purchasing Assistance

Of the hundreds available on the market today, how do you determine which system, network or server best suits your needs today and tomorrow? Leave all the details and headaches of purchasing research to us.
We'll help you purchase the right technology for your business! MiZAZA COM Inc is an IBM, HP, Dell, Toshiba and Cisco reseller. MiZAZA COM Inc has the expertise to recommend technology solutions from a vast selection of quality manufacturing companies. We are not obligated to one brand, placing us in a position of objectivity and loyalty only to you.
You'll meet with our IT Solutions Advisor to discuss what equipment you need, find the best solution that fits those needs, and do it within your budget.
Buy the right technology at the right time. Contact MiZAZA COM Inc today.