MiZAZA Audio Video Services

We don’t just create, engineer and install sound systems… we design soundscapes. Immersing an audience in voice, sound effects, and music has never been more impressive.

Broadcast TV
It takes a special kind of discipline to capture live moments, stage dramatic ones, or simply distribute performances and events. Our team is well-versed in the flawless execution and editing of anything meant for television.

Video Conferencing
Now you really can be in two places at once – anywhere in the world. Our state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions offer flawless video and phone
integration to make meetings happen from hundreds of miles away or to expand
an audience across the globe.

With the spread of high-definition technology and special effects teams bending the limits of the imagination, true-to-life video is right at your fingertips.
Design + Engineering
At our core, we think and work like engineers, which means we don’t just think about what is possible– we also think about what is convenient, user-friendly, and
personalized to the needs of our clients
Show Control
Lights dim, the spotlight comes up, 20-foot video screens sync to music, performers’ voices are amplified as if by magic… this is just the beginning of what is possible with our Show Control systems.

MiZAZA COM Inc. is a systems integrator providing design, products and installation services of professional audio, video,RF/TV, broadcast, live audio/video production and control systems including the following list of categories:

Acoustical Measurement, Testing & Acoustical Treatment
Airport, Transportation and Courtesy Announcement Systems
Assisted Listening & Language Translation Systems
Background Music Systems
Broadcast Cabling Systems
Closed Circuit Television Systems
Control Systems for audio, video, lighting, drapes/shades, HVAC…
Corporate Boardrooms
Custom plates & panels
Intercom Systems including Production and Wireless Intercom
Legislative Systems
Multiple Zone Paging Systems
Portable / Temporary Audio and Video Systems for events
Power Distribution Systems including Power Conditioning, Sequential Powering, Surge Suppression
and UPS
Public Address Systems
Residential Systems including Control Systems and Home Theater
Room Combining Systems
Security Systems
Sound Masking Systems
Sound Reinforcement Systems
Television Distribution Systems
Track Signaling Systems
Video Conferencing and Teleconferencing Systems
Video and Broadcast Production Systems
Wire and Cable including Audio, Cat 5, Control, Data, Fiber, Triax, and