MiZAZA COM Inc Team and Employees

Our team consist of young and very ambitious team of professionals. From local support to remote support and development. Locally we have Aaron and Alex who are the main points of contacts and estimate. Then we have Shamil and Brian who are the technical assistants behind the scene. And finally but not least Rohan and his team as web developers. We also have couple of other people who are not full time employees of MiZAZA COM Inc.

Shamil Benjamin

PC Support / Data Center

Remote Support & Data Center Server Management

Aaron Beny

Sales and Management

Aaron has over 20 years’ experience in security, video surveillance, network management, business management and sales of IT services.

Alex Yashaev

Field Manager & IT Infrastructure

Video Surveillance & Internet Technology Solutions

Andrew Vahil

Project Manager & Web Design & Web Development & Internet Marketing & SEO

Andrew has been developing websites and applications for more than 10 years. In that time he has seen the web transform from a blinking, scrolling to a world of respectable architectures.

Rohan Kumar

Web Development

Being a software development company, we are neither restrained to existing software solutions nor do we follow the stereotype rules. We aim to innovate and develop to redefine the tech world.